Four components that boost thermal performance

DaylightMax windows feature standard double-strength LoĒ³-366® glass. This unique transparent triple coating blocks unwanted solar heat gain and reflects heat while letting desirable light stream in. And because the glass is more efficient than the frame, DaylightMax windows are better thermal performers than wide frame windows that have less glass.

Argon gas is sealed between the glass panes. This colorless, odorless, invisible gas is six times denser than air and is a far better insulator.

The Power Seal Spacer System,™ standard on DaylightMax windows, includes the Intercept® U-channel spacer and a series of advanced sealants which maintain an airtight seal.

The unique minimalistic frame design of DaylightMax is the secret to its industry leading U-Value performance.

energy efficiency

Since the glass, gas and spacer are available to all manufacturers, the real difference in the energy efficiency from DaylightMax comes from the frame design.

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